How we support learning

Learning is a process, not an event. Our value is measured by what you can do, not by how much we know. To support the learning process, we follow specific steps to ensure that you get the most out of your investment in working with an experienced instructor.

Before class: We try to establish our teaching plans around your learning objectives through a series of interviews and surveys with you, or your team. For teams, the process also helps align your group around the highest priorities. Because our courses are advanced, we spend time with you to verify that you have the prerequisites to get the most from class.

During class: We believe live interaction with industry peers, and an experienced instructor, is a hot bed of ideas and fresh thinking. To get the most from a topic, we use a variety of teaching methods including lectures, discussion, live demos, hands-on labs, group exercises, whiteboards, and other tools. Everyone, instructor and students alike, contribute to capturing all of this online to take home. You’ll leave with soft copies of everything for local use when you begin applying your new skills.