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2013 developments article archive

Beware accessing Response.Cookies - Brock Allen

Client side support with the ASP.NET Web API - Maurice de Beijer

  2012 developments article archive

Create new ASP.NET MVC views the easy way - Michael Kennedy

Getting Started with RavenDB in an ASP.NET MVC App - Maurice de Beijer


Improve perceived performance of ASP.NET MVC websites with aasynchronous partial views - Michael Kennedy

Understanding Text Encoding in ASP.NET MVC (ASP.NET MVC Foundations Series) - Michael Kennedy


Secure Sef-Hosted WCF REST Services with a Custom UserNamePasswordValidator - Tony Sneed

Updating data with the ASP.NET Web API - Maurice de Beijer


Entity Framework 5 + Enumerations => What's not to love? - Mark Blomsma

Sharing a single_ViewStart across Areas in ASP.NET MVC - Brock Allen


Use Common Instance Factory to Abstract Away the Dependency Injection Container - Tony Sneed

No, You Don't Need A Windows App - Michael Kennedy


Roll Your own REST-ful WCF Router - Tony Sneed

HTML5 WebSockets - Maurice de Beijer

June HTML5 Background tasks using Web Workers - Maurice de Beijer

Dynamic Type Binding in WPF 4.5 - Mark Smith

Ninject WCF Extensions for RESTful Services - Tony Sneed


INotifyPropertyChanged in .Net 4.5 - Mark Smith

Getting started with the ASP.NET Web API - Maurice de Beijer


9 Ways Your Brand New ASP.NET MVC Project Can Be Better - Michael Kennedy

February How to get started with knockout.JS - Maurice de Beijer
Mixing Forms and Token Authentication in a single ASP.NET Application - Dominick Baier
January HTML5 Google Chrome Frame and Older Browsers- Maurice de Beijer
Using Ninject with WCF services - Tony Sneed
2011 developments article archive
December-  WPF + Prism + Biology!Mark Smith
SQL Server 2012- SQL Server Data Tools
 - Lynn Langit
November-  Using HTML5 File App to read the file contentsMaurice de Beijer
HTML5 and Drag & Drop
- Maurice de Beijer
HTML5 & Geolocation - Maurice de Beijer
September- Using HTTP Methods in a Rest Service - Maurice de Beijer
Build a Multi-Project Visual Studio Template - Tony Sneed
August - Testing Rdlc Reports - Llewenllyn Falco
Using HTTP status codes in a REST service - Maurice de Beijer
July -  Unit Testing with Services in MVVM Helpers - Mark Smith
Scalable WCF Services with Queuing - Pinku Surana
June -  Building a Cloud OS for .NET Developers Part 1 - Michael Kennedy
Building a Cloud OS for .NET Developers Part 2 - Michael Kennedy
May - What I like and don't like about WIF's Claims-based Authorization - Dominick Baier
Improving WIF's Claims-based Authorization Part 1 - Dominick Baier
Improving WIF's Claims-based Authorization Part 2 - Dominick Baier
Improving WIF's Claims-based Authorization Part 3 - Dominick Baier
Inversion of Control and WCF -Maurice de Beijer
April -  Building a Leak-Proof Eventing Model - Tony Sneed
Simple MVVM Toolkit: Ready for RIA services - Tony Sneed
March -

Microsoft SQL Azure vs. Amazon RDS Ike Ellis & Scott Reed
Better Code with C# Code Contracts
Mark Blomsma

February - 
January -  Doing Synchronous Workflow Execution using the WorkflowApplication
  2010 developments article archive
December -  
November -  
October - User Acceptance Tests (UAT) for Business Analysts
September - n/a
August - A Lightning Round with Visual Studio LightSwitch
July - Hosting WCF Services (with HTTP endpoints) in Windows Azure worker roles
June -

WIF Support for WCF Rest Services and OData

Trying the WF ADO.NET Activity Pack CTP 1

May -

The NoSQL Movement, LINQ, and MongoDB

Workflow 4 Services and duplex communications

April - Building Windows Machines in Amazon EC2
March -

EF4 Self Tracking Entities - the new DataSet?

Trackable DTO's: Taking N-Tier a Step Further with EF4

February - n/a
January - Entity Framework 4 N-Tier Support: Take 2
  2009 developments article archive
December- Ten Features in .NET 4.0 That Made Me Smile
November - Six Things That Will Surprise You About .NET 4.0
WF4 Flowcharts & Switch Activity
October - Agile Demystified (v.2) - brief explanation of Agile Software Development for managers
September - Creating Custom Activities with Workflow 4.0
August - Avoiding 5 Common Pitfalls in Unit Testing
How to build a Twitter Application with .NET
July - What's New and Cool with Entity Framework 4.0
Mentoring - An Approach to Improving Performance & Productivity
June - ASP.NET Routing in Windows Azure Using WebForms
May - Java Application Security: Firewalls are No Defense
April - Azure Storage
  2008 developments article archive
December - n/a
November - PDC Round up 2008– By Rich Blewett
October - n/a
September - SQL Server 2008 – By Niels Berglund
August - Microsoft PFX (Parallel Extensions) June 2008 CTP by Andy Clymer
July - REST and .NET 3.5 Part 2  Full Article by Richard Blewett
June - REST and .NET 3.5 Part 1 by Richard Blewett
May - Creating Extensible Applications with MAF by Mark Smith
April - Using AppDomains to Build Reliable Systems by Pinku Surana
March - WPF Custom Controls by George Shepherd
February - The Zen of Volta by Richard Blewett
January - Introducing ASP.NET MVC by Michael Kennedy
  2007 developments article archive
December - Introducing Visual Studio .NET 2008 by Mark Smith
November- A gentle Introduction to the Service Broker by Kent Tegels
October - Patterns in .NET by Kevin Jones
September - Introducing LINQ: Language-Integrated Query by Anthony Sneed
August - SOS – “Son of Strike” by Mark Smith
July - Workflow Services by Richard Blewett
June - n/a
May - Introducing Silverlight by Mark Smith
April - Vista Security for .NET Developers by Dominick Baier
March - Windows Workflow Foundation by Richard Blewett
February - A Quick Look at Windows Communication Foundation by Mark Smith
January - Welcome to the world of .NET 3.0 by Mark Smith