Our Philosophy

Software development is a human endeavor which makes payroll the largest expense in software projects. The effectiveness of that investment is directly related to everyone’s ability to fully contribute which, requires the right skills for the assigned job. 

Most companies have at least one person that already understands the subject. However, being effective with the technology is NOT the same as being effective in teaching the technology, so others can also be effective with it.

Our technical staff has spent years adding to their direct experience with the technology by teaching thousands of students in a broad variety of contexts. Their ability to communicate, and apply meaning to a subject, creates efficiencies in learning unmatched by peer-to-peer conversations or the solitude of self-study materials.

Information on any subject is available virtually anywhere. Self-paced learning can, at times, be appropriate and is often inexpensive. But it has no link to the context in which it is being used that only a live, experienced instructor, can provide. This lack of context undermines the ability to get meaningful questions answered.

Investments in self-study learning by employers are often passive endeavors because the requirement is to have training “available”. Self study materials do not actively engage the learner by making the topic relevant to their own work. The result is a high rate of non-completion and no input on if it makes a difference.

Higher training requirements, driven by a need to complete and ship a software project, make the investment in training with an experienced instructor worthwhile. Instructor-led training, with a truly great instructor who possesses ample real-world experience, is the best way to bring the topic to life in the context in which it is being used. And the voice of experience, that taught the topic, is available for follow up as you apply what you learn, so you can ship.